Saturday, January 16, 2010

it never seems to end

this is Hannah at Homecoming with her friend Justin

Hannah decided to ask her boyfriend, Bryson, to the Winter Formal. Strange that the Winter Formal is girl ask boy. At least I think so. She went out with him for about 2 weeks and then broke his heart by breaking up with him the last day of school before Xmas vaca. For some odd, teenage boy reason, he has returned for more punishment and asked her out again about 2 weeks ago. And oddly, she said yes. Then she announced she would not, under any circumstances take him to the dance. I think he wined. Maybe whimpered a little. So she asked him. Now the hell begins for me. Dress shopping. First of all, she is a size 0 which makes shopping a real pain. Also, she doesn't like a lot of things. She's "fussy" about what she wears. So I spend hours pouring over the internet looking at stupid dresses. And then she announces she has found THE dress. The ONLY dress that will work. Ok. Good. Right? No. This dress is $300. I didn't spend much more on my wedding dress. She cannot understand why this IS NOT going to happen. "Maybe, when your a senior going to prom", I tell her. All hell breaks loose. So today we shopped for 3+ hours. Came home with 2 dresses. I don't like either. I will not buy her a $300 dress. I won't. I swear!


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